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‘Queer Nepotism’ – The Anecdote You Never Asked For, But Always Craved

Once in an interview for a job in Nottingham I was asked about my work for the magazine Only In Brighton. I explained I’d been given the opportunity through a recommendation from my friend Sam, a journalist, editor, social media manager, and the General Manager of one of the pubs I worked at in Brighton & Hove.

Another person was being interviewed at the same time as me, and I suppose fair play to him, but when asked about his writing experience he made a rather snide remark about how his experience wasn’t down to nepotism. I couldn’t help but smile. Anyway, I got the job and he didn’t. Life lesson for you there.

Interviews & Reviews

Over the various issues of Only In Brighton I was involved in, I had the extraordinary pleasure of interviewing two of Brighton’s most talented rising drag performers – Alex Fincher and Alfie Ordinary.

We discussed the glitz and glamour of the growing drag industry, and the romanticisation and fetishisation of drag artists. The interviews were excellent opportunities for these multi-media artists to promote their craft and the various shows and projects they were working on at the time.

Only In Brighton advertised the bars, clubs, pubs, and restaurants which hosted the free cabaret circuit Brighton is famous around the world for. Alternative and LGBT+ owned businesses were at the forefront of this magazine, and I wrote several reviews for the magazine as well.

Mental Health Awareness & A Stab At Satire

With all the bickering and twitching around the COVID-19 pandemic, what continuously seems to absent-mindedly fall through the cracks of socio-political discourse is a far more severe pandemic – the mental health crisis.

Over the particularly bleak winter of 2021/2022 I inspired a smile or two, and set out to write a series of satirical lifestyle columns called ‘Reasons To Smile’. The idea came from an article I wrote about my Uncle, which you can read below.

Reasons To Smile – Valentine’s Edition

Reasons To Smile – March Madness

Jamie is a delight to work with, he delivers sharp, witty copy on time. The readers of our magazine always enjoyed his columns.

Samantha Harman – Editor, Social Media Manager, PR, Events & Bar Manager

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