Yuletide Feast & Performance at Bom Bane’s in Brighton

Book your table at Bom-Bane’s early on because this quaint and quirky place exclusively hosts only three to four tables at a time. There’s Aesop’s Table, Tablerone, TurnTable, Twenty-Seven Chimes Table, either way capacity is so limited even the tables have personality! 

A cafe, restaurant, and cabaret hybrid, Bom-Bane’s is situated halfway down George Street in Kemptown.

Run by the famed and highly-acclaimed Jane Bom-Bane, an eminent winner of various Fringe Awards, Bom-Bane’s is known for its European cuisine – particularly Belgian dishes.

Last month I had the pleasure and joy of attending their Christmas feast and performance, ‘Merrily On High’. From the art on the walls to the spinning-top water glasses, every detail of the evening was eccentric and fun. A real gift in these trying times, I had no idea how much I needed it.

The show itself was utterly profound. It told the primordial story of life’s cycle from birth, through to death and ultimately rebirth.

There were several points throughout the show where I welled up. Mesmerising music, shadows on the wall, and sweet yet sharp lyrics – Bom-Bane’s treated us to masterful puppetry and performance.

Joined by musical friends, Jane Bom-Bane performs original songs and poetry to an accompaniment of melodies, harmonies, puppets, and marvellous mechanical hats. Their 2021 Christmas show starred a whole family of puppets, not to mention the talented and charming players Daisy Jordan and Eliza Skelton (who together with Jane form The Silver Swans), and Martin Peters.

Bom-Bane’s caters to all with it’s veggie and vegan options, although I had the delicious, home-made, and locally-sourced beef pasty in a celeriac mash nest complemented by port and wine sauce. They even account for picky kids, and will kindly provide alcohol-free sauce! For dessert, Belgian chocolate and orange brownies with winter fruits and sorbet. Absolutely divine. 

Bom Bane’s
24 George Street
Kemptown, Brighton

Originally published in Only In Brighton magazine.

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