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Curiosity & Candour. Without The Fear is a long-term personal project dedicated to the appreciation of different cultures, and in support of free creative expression.

The project focuses on encouraging people of all ages to explore the world and expose themselves to different cultures and ideas; and hopefully inspire them to be inquisitive.

By J.P. Seymour-Eyles

Travelling is in my blood, and it makes me feel alive in a way nothing else does. My great-grandmother was the first female tour guide in Paris in the Roaring 20s, and she travelled solo overland to India in 1966, in her sixties, to visit the family when my uncle was born. I’ve had a passport since I was 10 months old, and I went to Australia for the first time when I was 4.

I recognise how privileged I have been to be able to travel so extensively throughout the brief twenty-five years of my life so far. I wasn’t born into money, and I’m from an ex-mining estate on the outskirts of an East Midlands city. My mum and uncle were born in India and later lived and worked in Nepal, a stark contrast if there ever was one.

While wanderlust had been instilled from the get-go, over time my other great passion evolved – writing. I’ve written reviews, cultural commentary, satirical columns, educational articles, copy for marketing, poetry, academic essays, and a dissertation. In order to support this project, my education, and my own writing, I offer my services as a copywriter, editor, and journalist.”

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